The Passion

Hi I’m Tatum Diamond, yes that’s actually what it says on my birth certificate.

I grew up in the magnificently beautiful country that is South Africa. Most of my childhood was spent on 4x4 trips across the African plains or under the sea on amazing scuba diving trips. My dad’s love of the outdoors quickly become part of my core.

A 15-year career as a digital designer honed my eye for detail, I’m thrilled to able to combine this with a lifetimes hobby of “making”. I have always loved creating physical products.

I decided to go on this amazing leather bag making journey after my hubby bought me a one-day handbag making workshop. I completely fell in love with the process and the idea of being able to make something that is not only useful but can also be created sustainably. I am delighted to be able to design and handcraft my bags and accessories in my Surrey studio. I call it my studio rather than my workshop as I believe that everything I create is a little piece of art.

I hope you will join me on my journey as I experiment and grow my collection of quirky takes on classic designs


The Range

With the ever changing world of fashion trends, it’s difficult to know which one to pursue. So rather than being just another ‘dedicated follower of “fast” fashion’, why not join a movement, the “slow fashion” movement? Instead of flitting from shop to shop like a butterfly, shop sustainably, buy quality over quantity, invest in pieces that will enhance your wardrobe for a lifetime.

All my bags are created using natural grain, vegetable tanned leather, from British suppliers.

The range.png