The Passion

Hi, I’m Tatum Diamond, (yes that’s actually what it says on my birth certificate). Welcome to my digital boutique.

Everything created here is handmade from scratch by my hands, to be precise. And since those very hands will cut, stitch, finish, and package your order, perhaps we can get acquainted.

I grew up surrounded by the endless beauty of South Africa. My Dad’s love of the outdoors was infectious. If we weren’t navigating the plains in 4x4s we were halfway up a mountain or exploring the wrecks off the African coast. Since childhood diving has been my sanctuary – a mesmerising, weightless silence where I could lose myself and find myself. It was important to reflect this in my collection, and each of my designs takes its name from ocean life.

Next stop, 2003 - bright lights and the big city. In fifteen breathless years leading corporate design projects in central London, I learned to understand and appreciate the interplay of shape, colour, light and texture, and honed my eye for detail. Until one day my husband surprised me with an introductory handbag making workshop. And I was hooked.

Creating something that combines function, craftsmanship and individuality, whilst also constructed sustainably and by hand, is fulfilling. I am proud of the bags that bear my name and excited at where I can take my label, and where it will take me.

And with that, we are up to date. Here I sit in my studio, as you read my life story. Albeit the abridged version.


The idea of a ‘Studio’ is important to me, to my purpose, and to my vision for Tatum Diamond London. Let me explain. At their best, I believe handbags represent some of the greatest and most timeless art of the last century. When I wear a great handbag I feel confident, prepared, and whole. And I want to share that feeling. I want to bring my art into your life.

So I hope you will join me on my journey as I experiment and grow my collection of quirky takes on classic designs.

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